Ghasre sefid corporation starts their business in 1988 with target that services parties and conventions, sewing and rent tents is the first activities of this company.

In 1993 according to customer requirements open their services with following :

Installation , interior design and tooling types of tent for celebration, wedding and any ceremony

Installation , interior design and tooling types of tent for fair trade in different sizes

Installation and tooling tent for covered up pool, tennis courts and any custumer space

Flower decoration , lighting, decorating candles servises

installation & equipment of tents as roofs in places like pools ,tennis courts,and all the considered places of customer

acheiving services in celebrations such as flower decoration ,candle topiary,decoration of places ,etc

renting tables,plates and related decorations

renting coolers & heaters for equipment of tents

selling different kinds of tents made in Italy with particular features(high resistance in winds,cold and snow,fireproof,etc)

acheiving services for ceremonies and celebrations in embassy of Japan,Brazil,India,Spain,Belgium,Algeria,Oman,Bangladash,Bahrain

tent installation & tent equipment in tennis court of Enghelab gym(in rainfall season)

Acheiving services to Tehran Municipality in order to hold spring exhibitions in provinces Ghom an Tehran

Acheiving services to Tehran municipality in holding flower exhibition

Acheiving services to Emdad comission in all the twentieth areas of Tehran

Acheiving services in holding death anniverssary of Emam Khomeyni

Acheiving services to oil company in holding ceremonies and conventions

corporation with Niavarn palace in holding ceremonies